Adventures in (Post) Gradland

Thoughts on life after the PhD

Best of 2018

Hey there, blog that I update like twice a year! At least this time I’m actually getting my “best of” list out before January. Movies Managed to watch 69 movies … Continue reading

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Stuff to Read / Watch / Listen to

There’s horrible stuff going on everywhere right now, so maybe we all need some good media to consume. Here’s some stuff I’ve been reading / watching / listening to lately … Continue reading

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Best of 2017, Part 2: Movies

I really slacked on the movie-watching this year—in 2016 I managed to watch 73 movies, but in 2017 I only made it to 47. Chalk it up to a new … Continue reading

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Best of 2017: Part 1

I let something happen in 2017 that I swore I wouldn’t let happen—I got numb to all the horrible stuff that was happening in the world. And I realize I’m … Continue reading

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Who Owns Aokigahara?

As you may have heard, recently a YouTuber named Logan Paul thought it’d be cool to film himself and some friends looking at the body of a suicide victim that … Continue reading

January 2, 2018 · 4 Comments

Do the Right Thing

There are so many things to say about the Weinstein affair–about how we shouldn’t shame accusers for not coming forward sooner, about how this kind of behavior is not unique … Continue reading

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The Post-Mass Shooting Checklist

Phase 1 1. Messages about shock and heartbreak, confusion about who did it and why. 2. Overall sense of familiar dread and helplessness, messages of disbelief from people who live … Continue reading

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