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Lately I’ve been buying so many different kinds of mushrooms from the Nature Mart down the street that the cute young cashier asked me what my favorite kind was.  I told him that it would be impossible to choose, though in reality I’m partial to the expensive stuff (porcini, chanterelle, etc.).

(Interesting side note: Nature Mart bills itself as a store selling “100% natural products without sugar or chemicals.”  They’ve got a really great bulk bin where you can buy everything from spices to coffee in bulk–great for when you have a recipe that only calls for two or three cloves and you don’t want to spend money on a whole jar.  The problem is that even though their produce is organic, I’m not sure that it isn’t shipped in from Puerto Rico or something.  Still, calling yourself “Nature Mart” really works–I treat them like a farmer’s market, even though they’re most likely not.) 

Back to the mushrooms.  My new favorite Giada recipe is rigatoni with creamy mushroom sauce–super easy to make and full of awesome shrooms.  Sadly I don’t have a photo–my problem with food photography is that I tend to do most of my cooking at night, and with my tiny camera the best food photos really need natural light.  And of course by the time the sun rises (or I think about taking a photo of the leftovers) the bowl is usually empty.  Oh well–the website probably has a photo. 

I’ve made this three times in less than two weeks–it’s that good.  I’ve used rigatoni, penne, and spaghetti and I actually like the spaghetti best so far, though I suppose it’s not as visually exciting.  Also left out the chives–give them a try if you like but they just didn’t do much for me.  My mother mentioned that she used Boursin cheese instead of mascarpone and that it still tasted great.  We actually ended up making this dish on the same night, hundreds of miles apart, without ever having consulted one another.  Surely that must be another sign of its fabulousness.

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