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Reimagining Japan (Not)

UPDATE: In response to Brian Salsberg’s comment below, I’ve deleted the original content of this post. I wrote that post on a whim and realized later that it’s really not a good idea for me to post impressions or criticisms of a book I haven’t read. I trust Contemporary Japanese Literature’s assessment of the book, but I’m not going to make any of my own judgments until I’ve read it.

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2 comments on “Reimagining Japan (Not)

  1. Brian Salsberg
    August 6, 2011

    It would be great to see if you have the same perspectives after you have a chance to read the book. The funny thing about “stereotypes” is that sometimes they are true. It is indeed the cae that a number of Japan’s challenges (discussed in this book) are not new, e.g. aging society, lack of leadership, outmoded education system. But it is also true that vritually everyone (specifically the Japanese contributors and the majority of Japanese people themselves) are growing increasingly frustrated with their dilemma and are now, more than ever, in search of a catalyst and roadmap for change.

    Hope you have a chance to join the tens of thousands (mostly Japanese) who have read and embraced the book. Would be great to know what you think.

    Brian Salsberg, Co-Editor, Reimagining Japan

  2. Brian Salsberg
    August 8, 2011

    Thank you, and please do find the time to read the book–or at least some of the free essays at or via the free sample Kindle download.

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Thoughts on life after the PhD

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