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Donation Problems, Volunteer Info, and Radiation in Food & Water

There is some concern that a lot of the money donated to the American Red Cross isn’t making its way to Japan. For the time being, I recommend donating to Second Harvest Japan, which has less bureaucracy to deal with.

A great site has been set up providing information on volunteering and donating–as the author points out, Japan will *really* need volunteers beginning in April, when the rebuilding effort kicks in.

Kyodo News is reporting much higher than normal levels of radiation in spinach and milk, though it’s important to note that even at these high levels the food doesn’t pose any immediate health risks. Trace amounts of iodine have also been detected in Tokyo water, but again, nothing that could cause health problems.

On a more lighthearted note, it appears bananas will fill you with a lot more radiation than any fallout from the Fukushima reactor. Hey, I love bananas.

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