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Thoughts on life after the PhD

Cincinnati What?

I first heard about Cincinnati chili on an episode of A Prairie Home Companion, where I was convinced it had to be a joke.  Cinnamon-flavored chili served over spaghetti?  Pretty weird–but then I fell in love with my black bean espresso chili and also noticed a recipe for the Cincinnati stuff on, so I decided I had to try it.

The recipe needs some tweaking, but it was pretty yummy.  I didn’t have cayenne pepper, which meant that it came out a little bland, though the cumin, chili powder, cocoa, and cinnamon gave it a nice flavor.  I made a little too much spaghetti, so the chili kind of got lost in all the noodles.  And when I halved the recipe I forgot to halve the amount of beans (I threw them in at the end of the simmering process rather than just adding them to the plate), so it was a little bean-heavy for my taste.  So if you try this out, go for a bit of cayenne, and go easy on the beans and the noodles. It’s traditionally topped with grated cheddar cheese and raw onions, though I’m not a raw onion fan so I left those out.  It’s odd, but it’s yummy!

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Thoughts on life after the PhD

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